Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I ask only one word, WHY?

WHY in the hell did W and Darth Cheney think that they could get away with this? W has committed THE HIGHEST CRIME POSSIBLE, TREASON AND VIOLATION OF ARTICLE IV OF THE CONSTITUTION, TO THE LETTER! Forget the impeachment hearings, just put W in one of his old electric chairs back in Texas and I'LL pull the fuckin' switch!

Isn't it bad enough that Scooter, if not also Darth himself, commited acts of TREASON for the public disclosure of an undercover CIA operative. Fitzgerald may as well just slap the cuffs on Carl Rove right now. NOW THIS IS FUCKIN' FITZMAS!! Can anyone come up with a good rendition of "White Christmas" that goes with "Republicans roasting over an open fire"? The fun is just starting :-)


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