Saturday, August 05, 2006

What important tools in the war on terror??

Ummm, what important tools in the war on terror would the Democrats like to surrender? Invading the wrong fucking country in order to resolve an Oedipus complex? Letting Osama bin Ladin get away? Spying on Americans while our ports, chemical plants and our hazmat transportation infrastructure are not secure? Tax cuts in time of war? Running huge deficits? Stagflation? Letting Americans die in the streets of an American city after a natural disaster?

Geez, the only reason why Ken Mehlman speaks to Republicans on these issues is that they're the only ones who won't laugh in his face when he says stupid things like:
Mehlman said that if the Democrats win control of Congress in the Nov. 7 midterm elections, party leaders will stop the National Security Agency from eavesdropping on foreign terrorists and will pursue impeachment of the president.

Did Ken Mehlman just say if you want George W. Bush to be impeached, vote for a Democrat?? I think that's the best advice coming from the GOP EVER! Way better than the advice for the Dems to move to the Right. I think the GOP is shooting itself in the foot. Please keep telling members of the press that having the Democrats take over Congress is a bad thing that will lead to balanced budgets, a sensible solution to the war on terror, an end to welfare for rich kids, a government that responds to natural disasters and impeachment for the Worst.President.Ever.

You might want to check the upper right hand corner of my blog, impeaching the president is becoming a more popular idea. And yes, impeaching Bush would be for the reasons why impeachment is in the Constitution. Not as a petty political move that GoOPers think it should be.



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