Sunday, October 01, 2006

A rebuttal to the idiot on Duke Street with the big "Vets for Allen" sign

The WaPo has an article about how Senator Macacawitz now has national visibility. Lately, he has been under scruntiny for his tendency to see non-white people as something less than human. If only his voting record on military and veteran's issues were under the same microscope. I did see that "Vets for Allen" sign on Duke Street in Alexandria. Apparently, the person who posted that sign is truly misinformed about Senator Macacawitz's record. See, Senator Macacawitz is what is commonly known as a chickenhawk. He likes to make meaningless gestures about being patriotic, like protecting the Flag from Desecration but deep down inside he has the same contempt for our fighting forces and veterans as he does for people who are not white, straight, Christian males like him. If you think Jim Webb had issues with women serving in the Armed Forces, Senator Macacawitz voted against allowing abortions in military hospitals. in 2002. That was more than 20 years after Jim Webb's infamous "Annapolis is a horny woman's dream" essay. THINK ABOUT IT you women in Allen's ad!! Yes, chickenhawks don't like women in the military. They whine and complain about how pregnancy interferes with military readiness, but then they won't do anything to help women remain militarily ready. I'm sure Senator Macacawitz would find a way to deny our military women easy access to contraception if he could.

Senator Macacawitz thinks that
tax cuts for the wealthy are more important than financing the War on Terra. He voted against funding veteran's health care, twice in 2005.

And who can forget this classic?

It's a pity that Senator Macacwitz voted against increasing mental health services in the VA Health care system. Obviously, the person who owns the big house with the "Vets for Allen" sign needs it.



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