Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Got a Letter in the Mail. Go to War or to Jail?

Today I received a letter from the Virginia National Guard. The reserve has been trying to recruit me since September 12, 2001. They really sent me letters in 2003, during the beginning of the Iraq War and after the announcement of stop-loss. Yeah, like I'm going to work a "part-time" job with lots of overtime.

I got a break during 2004, no letters.

So now the letter is back. I thought the Army exceeded its retention goals for the year. Or was it only the regular Army and Reserves and National Guard that really need bodies?

I think I'll call the recruiter tomorrow and ask him the following questions:
I haven't been running in over two years, how long do I have to get back in shape? Do I have to do push ups and sit ups? (If he says no, he's either lying or desperate, probably both) Do you still have food for freedom? What's the limit of disability will you accept? Are you sure I won't have go to Iraq? LOL!


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