Sunday, August 07, 2005

Changing traditions?

Recently the NCAA banned the appearance of Indian mascots and names from its tournaments. Now Florida State University, my alma mater, is going to sue the NCAA.
Florida State's student body selected the Seminole as its symbol in 1947. Some of the other choices were Rebels, Tarpons, and Crackers. Rebels was taken by a university in Mississippi. Tarpon is a big fish, usually when an alligator and a fish meet, the fish loses. Then there is the cracker, it's a horse, really!!! What, you thought I was talking about rednecks? But the possiblities boggle the mind if we had The Florida State Crackers. A pickup truck doing donuts on the football field before the game. But hey, it's better than celebrating a culture and history of an Indian Nation that fought three wars that cost the US Government 20 million dollars and resulted in a draw because the US Army did not know how to fight an insurgency.


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