Friday, July 29, 2005

Someone will have a gender gap problem next year

Judging from the statements Rick Santorum has made while promoting his book It takes a Family, the junior Senator from Pennsylvania will have a serious problem winning the votes of women. I guess he thinks life is a 1950's TV show.

What woman in her right mind would vote for a man who says stupid stuff like birth control is dangerous and doesn't work? If birth control didn't work, there wouldn't be a Generation X. The pill was introduced in the 1960's, the Baby Boom ended in 1964. Widespread availability of contraception leads to a declining birthrate. Pretty amazing coincidence isn't it.

Senator Santorum's ignorance of elementary school civics is apalling. He stated that even though the laws in Conneticut banning contraceptives was a bad law, the Supreme Court had no business striking it down in Griswold v. Conneticut. Here is a lesson in how our government works as outlined in the Constitution: the legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch enforces the law, the judicial branch interprets the law. This means if a court finds a law does not fit within the framework of the constitution, that law is interpreted to be unconstitutional and is struck down.

This guy is an amazing moron. I am so glad he is not my senator. At least my idiot senator, George Allen, keeps a low profile. But then again, I hear both Senators Allen and Santorum want to run for President. I do not think our country can survive another mental midget as the commander in chief.

So click on the link for more information on Rick Santorum.


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