Saturday, July 23, 2005

Would you like fries with that, Mr. Justice Wanna-Be?

John G. Roberts, Jr. and W
Meet Judge John G. Roberts, Jr., U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, and W's nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

His credentials are impressive: law clerk for CJ (then AJ) William Rehnquist; principle deputy representing the Government for Kenneth Starr, US Solicitor General, in the Supreme Court; and attorney in one of the most prestigious D.C. law firms, Hogan & Hartson. However, was he chosen by W. to shift the balance of the court to a clearly conservative institution? Is the legacy of moderate pro-common-sense jurisprudence over? Will privacy and due process be just a fleeting memory for monorities? Will Rowe v. Wade or Lawrence v. Texas be reversed?

Sandra Day O'Connor
He has some big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, pumps don't go well with that tie.

William Rehnquist
You say you're not about to retire CJ Rehnquist, but come on... Do you expect to preside over the court the day after your funeral? Please say you won't give W. the satisfiaction of putting...

Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas up to be your replacement as CJ.

Robert Bork
I only hope that Judge Roberts' past writings and rulings on the D.C. circuit don't make us wish the Senate should have confirmed Bork :-(

Ansche Hedgepeth
So the next time you take the Metro to work, make sure you finish your fries before you get on. Just ask Ansche Hedgepeth.


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