Friday, September 23, 2005

A Bush Clone

I was over at the New Rupublic's website the other day, don't worry I didn't stay too long (I didn't want to contaminate my cookies). I saw an ad comparing Tim Kaine to John Kerry. Alrighty then, I really do wonder how many of those people who voted to re-elect Bush regret that decision.
So, let's compare Jerry Kilgore to George W. Bush:
Neither one of them can debate a paper bag.
Public speaking is anathema to them.
They can't think on their feet during a debate, wonder how Kilgore will act during a crisis. Remember, Virginia was one of the states attacked on 9/11. I just can't see Jerry Kilgore rising up to a Rudy Giuliani level of leadership. And we know George W. Bush just sat there for 7 minutes after he was notified of the attack. His response to Katrina took 4 days. Think about it: if a candidate has a duuuuuuhhhh moment in a debate, how will he act in a real crisis?

So anyhow I see this story about Jerry Kilgore's position on abortion, my goodness he has flip-flops more than my shoe closet does. He presents himself as a "moderate" when in reality he is a far right radical just like George W. Bush. His record speaks for itself. Jerry Kilgore is beholdened to the Pat Robertson's and Jerry Falwell's of the state of Virginia.


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