Friday, September 16, 2005

Scraping the bottom of the barrel

From Fairfax County Democratic Club I found this story from the Washington Post. Stafford County GOP candidate Paul Milde (what a misleading name) has two felony convictions. Couldn't Stafford County find anyone who didn't have a background like this. After all, who wants the local newspaper digging into someone's background and finding, surprise!, that your candidate has a drug arrest and an attempted burglarly conviction. Didn't the Stafford County GOP realize that newspapers (and opposing candidates) look into political candidates backgrounds? I only thought Republicans used criminals for dirty tricks, now they're running them for office?? I thought the Republicans were the moral values party. I thought the Republicans were the tough on crime party. Now some Republicans are saying that Milde's rehabilitation is a sign of character. Do you know how liberal that sounds?
Well, the Virginia GOP does have a record of running criminals for office. Anyone remember Oliver North's run for the Senate? John Warner refused to endorse him. Unfortunately, it seems like John Warner is the only Republican left who has actual moral values.


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