Saturday, September 10, 2005

How much lower can he go?

President Bush recently signed an executive order allowing contractors who are rebuilding the Gulf Coast to pay their employees less than the prevailing wage in the area. He suspended the Davis-Bacon Act that requires companies doing business with the federal government to pay the prevailing wage of the area. So now, laborers in Mississippi and New Orleans will get paid less than the going rate as established by the Department of Labor. So to simplify, the workers who have lost everything because of Hurricane Katrina will have a harder time getting back on their feet because they will not be earning as much money as they previously had. Way to kick a person when they're down. Now the US Chamber of Commerce wants to repeal Davis-Bacon because "The benefits of the 'prevailing wage,' however, go to a very few at the expense of taxpayers". I call bullshit on this. There is no incentive for employers to pass on the savings to the government if the act is repealed or suspended.
So what is justifying this reprehensible action? Why it will save the taxpayers money!! If President Compassionate Conservative Oxymoron was so concerned about deficit reduction, maybe he should drop his plans to eliminate the inheritance tax and reform social security.
These are the people behind these ideas. This group recommends and lobbies for the policies that have increased poverty in America, increased our deficit, degraded our education system, and led to the cuts in domestic spending on the infrastructure the lead to the tradegy in New Orleans. They are responsible for turning the United States of America into a Third World Country. They really disgust me.
Empires don't come cheap, put up or shut up. Just pay the fucking bill.


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