Friday, September 02, 2005

Cringe-worthy Google ads

Sometimes I look at my ads and I wonder how they decide to post ads on my website. A few weeks ago I had "meet conservative singles", umm I don't think conservatives are reading my blog. I can hardly get enough liberals to read it. (Not that I mind being a lowly insect, it's way better than being an insignificant microbe.) So imagine my surprise when I saw the ad for Hotels on the Mississppi Gulfcoast. Considering the current state of affairs along the Gulfcoast, I would not picture that area as a garden spot right now. OK, I know it's the redneck Vegas, but some reason I think the hotels that are still standing are probably booked solid for the next few months. And chances are NO ONE is in the mood to play Blackjack, or Texas Hold'em, or doing the rat pressing a bar for intermittant rewards thing. So when I saw the ad, I was going o.k. that's not good timing. Which is probably why machines will never replace humans in analytical fields, it takes intuition and some degree of emotional IQ in order to be an analyst.


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