Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging for a cause

The Houston SPCA has been sheltering pets from Louisiana. They need your help in the form of donations to feed and house pets who have lost their homes. And yes, this is the same Houston SPCA featured on Animal Planet's Animal Cops: Houston, so you can see your donations at work.

I read this story and decided to add Planned Parenthood of Houston to my list of links of sites to donate to. I cannot believe the mandatory pregnancy people cannot see why family planning would be so important at a time like this. THESE PEOPLE HAVE LOST EVERYTHING, THE CLOTHES ON THEIR BACKS, THEIR HOMES, THEY ARE MALNOURISHED. This would not be a good time to become pregnant. Families devasted by Hurricane Katrina have enough to worry about, another mouth to feed should not be one of them.


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