Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

The Gulf Coasts of Mississippi, and Alabama and the city of New Orleans have been destroyed. There is no other word to describe it. My sister was born in New Orleans, I have a social security number that was issued in Louisiana. So I do have some loose ties to the area.

I have a close friend, Anita, who lives in Gulfport, (I hope she still lives in Gulfport). We were in Basic Training and AIT together. Over the last 13 years we have kept in touch, mainly through Christmas cards. She is married and has a daughter, and I just hope that they are o.k. I am sure she has more important things to worry about now. I just hope she knows that I am thinking about her and hope for the best for her family.

I am sure that we at least know someone or of someone who lives on the Gulf Coast who has been devasted. So here are some organizations that need your help in order to help those who need help the most.
The Salvation Army
United Jewish Communities
United Methodist Committe on Relief
Noah's Wish, because Anita loved cats.
America's Second Harvest, the Gulf Coast had some of poorest areas in the United States. An estimated ten food banks were affected by Hurricane Katrina, they need money to transport food to the devasted areas.
Habitat for Humanity, they will help those who lost their homes rebuild.

UPDATE:Planned Parenthood of Houston They are providing refugees from Louisiana and Mississippi with emergency contraception and a month's supply of birth control pills free. They are also giving refugees who need a depo-provera shot for half price.


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