Monday, September 05, 2005

That didn't take long!!

Well, Chief Justice William Rehnquist dies Saturday night and on Monday morning (on a holiday no less!) President Drunk Fratboy nominates John Roberts to be promoted to Chief Justice. All before Judge French Fry is even confirmed to be an Associate Justice. If only he was this resolute and decisive about helping the good people of Louisiana and Mississippi, you know the people who re-elected him because he shared their Christian values and needed protection against gay marriage. Well I guess the people of the Gulfcoast are going to get the theocracy they always wanted. However, for some reason I think that is the least of their worries right now.

But never fear, Mr SuperSpin is here to save the day. Yes, why take responsibility for you actions when you can blame the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans. Who coincidentally are democrats!! Never mind that Mary Blanco beat Haley Barbour (who once had Ken Mehlman's job) to the punch in declaring an emergency or requesting federal aid. So instead of going on national television and say, "Sorry, I fucked up and my actions were entirely inappropiate in a time like this" it's time to shift the blame onto others. And all this time the Republicans are talking about being the party of personal responsibility when their own leader cannot take personal responsibility for his actions! What a bunch of hypocrites. But then the Republicans are the party of fewer social services like FEMA.

This is what happens when you cut taxes and government spending on stuff like FEMA. As Grover Norquist, (a greedy, selfish bastard) said, "I'd like to take the government and drown it in a bathtub". Unfortunately, a lot of people in Louisiana and Mississippi drowned while the Republicans drowned the government.

I just hope all Americans remember this in November 2006.


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