Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Katrina changes everything

After 9/11 everyone said “9/11 changes everything”. The consensus was that disasters man-made and natural will not catch us by surprise again. Considering the Federal Government’s response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina NOTHING CHANGED AFTER 9/11!!! Where was the preparedness? Why wasn’t the National Guard pre-positioned before the hurricane hit so they could be ready to go if the worst happens? Here’s a clue, it’s called a warning order. Why did it take so long to activate the National Guard? Don’t tell me the Department of Homeland Security didn’t know. They have analysts who concentrate on regions. DHS is charged with protecting the nation’s infrastructure. Even Mr Bill fucking knew. The makers of Tabasco knew. The World and National Sponsors of America’s Wetland had a fucking clue!!!If Bush’s buddies in the petroleum industry knew, why didn’t the federal government?

When I was in the Army, one of the principles of leadership was “look out for your soldiers and care for their well-being”. If this concept is drilled into a lowly buck sergeant’s head during PLDC, why can’t someone who was in the Air National Guard, went to Yale and Harvard, was governor of a large state, understand that leadership includes looking out for the well being of the American people?

Another principle of leadership I learned was “be responsible for your actions”, all I have seen from the President, the chief of FEMA and the rest of the federales is “we didn’t know the levees would break.” So somehow, this President is responsible for nothing, yet President Clinton was responsible for everything.

Let me be the first of many to call for the Impeachment of President Bush. His incompetent leadership has led to the death of thousands of people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. These states were the reddest of the red states that helped re-elect this loser because “he’s a good Christian” and “he will save us from homosexual marriage” and “he makes me feel safer” and “we need resolute leadership”. Guess what, the red states are not anymore safer and now you see his resolute leadership. You would think President Bush would show some gratitude to his base. If we can impeach a competent president for a blow job, then we can impeach one for playing guitar while New Orleans drowned.


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