Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bob Graham fights back

Bob Graham has an editorial in today's Washington Post explaining how the Senate received incomplete information about threat Iraq didn't pose. When I grew up in Florida, Bob Graham was my governor and then my senator. I was disappointed when his campaign for the presidency failed last year. Yes, I can say I was a Graham Cracker Backer back in the day. More information on how Bob Graham felt is here.

Sorry for the short post, I gotta go to my son's birthday party.

UPDATED: That's part of the difficulty of dealing with classified information. You know the reasons for war are not backed up by the reality, however, you cannot say anything about or else you go to jail for the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. Yes, now everyone is saying, "Why didn't he say this back in 2003?", because everyone treated him like Cassandra.

Yes, I told my friends and family that the basis for the War in Iraq was based on lies, but I couldn't tell them why. Do you know how aggravating and hurtful it was? When my family took the word of a chimp over someone who analyze this stuff for a living? Of course George W. Bush would never lie to us about our security? Wouldn't he? He would never use the US Army to settle a grudge against someone who tried to kill his father. And get 2000+ of them killed in the process. If the bar for impeachment was lowered for Clinton's blow job, why can't we impeach Bush for leading us into a war based on lies?


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