Sunday, October 01, 2006

I got a push poll today

It's election season. I got a push poll from an organization calling itself the Family Foundation. It was an automated phone call, I didn't even get to speak to a live person. I would have loved to have told off those fundies who are stupid enough to believe that birth control pills and other forms of family planning are bad for families. Don't get me started on the hysteria that letting two gay men or two lesbians will destroy marriage. So anyhow, they ask me these "family values" questions about gay marriage and abortion. The last question they asked was about giving tax credits to families who send who their children "to the school of their choice". Hmmm, I guess the fundies are giving up on the school vouchers to send their children to Abeka High School and are going for the tax credit. Which is even worse than the vouchers, because it takes tax money away from incoming revenue to the schools (and roads) and creates even larger budget deficits. Yes, the Family Foundation is a bunch of insecure Xristian fundies who think that everything should be their way. And these busybodies are Virginia's affliatiate of Focus on the Family.

How stupid and irrational are the Family Foundation's staff? Well the Fairfax County chapter has issues with the Fairfax County Schoolboard's Family Life Education curriculum. In particular, they object to teaching 5th graders about HIV. We are talking about a suburban area of Washington DC. The metro DC area's HIV infection rate is double the national average. Not teaching children about HIV and how to prevent it is like handing that same 5th grader a loaded handgun with the safety off. Leaving children ignorant about how HIV is transmitted is doing them a great disservice. Especially since half of teenagers in the United States have had oral sex. When is it going to through the thick skulls of these amoral control freaks that ABSTINENCE ONLY SEX EDUCATION DOESN'T WORK!!!

If the Family Foundation wants to keep their children uneducated and unable to cope with the real world that's their business. But keep me and my son out of it.


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