Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blogging for Choice a Day Late-How Terrorism affects our daily lives

Yesterday was blog for choice day. I missed it because I'm a busy single mom who has to deal with issues like a leaking toilet and water damage to the ceiling of my living room. (Enough of the excuses!) But this is where my day job gets input into my hobby.

The Anti-Choice movement really hates women. The movement believes that the ends justify the means. There is a reason why 87% of US Counties do not have an abortion provider. A systematic campaign of terrorism against doctors and clinics has been waged by the "pro-life" movement since the 1970's. Abortion clinics today are more secure than military bases in the United States. (O.K., that's hyperbole, but you get the idea.)

But let's face, violence against abortion clinics is violence against women. I know the pro-life infrastructure that aided and abetted the Eric Rudolphs and James Kopps does not like the lifestyle of modern women today. When they talk about "Biblical marriage", they are talking about marriage as slavery for women. They want a legal system where women need the permission of their father/husband/brother to take out a loan/buy a house or a car. A life where women churn out baby after baby, fuck her and the children that she bears if her life is endangered by the pregnancy. And they really hate the fact that women now can have sex without consequences. Yep, that's right, they hate us for our freedom. That's why they come up with the bullshit argument that sex is bad for women. It's total bullshit and women today know that. Which is why they force abstinence only sex education in our schools.

I rather like being a rebellious Jezebel. And if I have a daughter, I might name her Jezebel.

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