Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Annoy a terrorist sympathizer

If you want to annoy a terrorist sympathizer, buy from these companies. These are from the terrorist sympathizer's website.
Air France, a trip to Europe would be nice. It is the shoulder season.
Baccarat Even though it's not my demographic.
Bic, one can never have too many pens. Did you know Bic makes kayaks too?
Clarins skin care.
Moet because you want to celebrate a successful google bomb.
Evian, perfect for when you are thirsty.
Louis Vuitton, however most of us can only afford the counterfeit stuff.
Mephisto, they look like Birkenstocks to me.
Peugeot, o.k. they're not sold in the U.S.
Renault, ummm, I haven't seen one in the U.S. in years.
Veuve Clicquot, do you need an excuse to drink. I have an idea for a drinking game. Every time the terrorist sympathizer condemns liberals take a drink of champagne, or Hennessy, or Dom Perignon.
Seagrams, more fun with drinking games.
Yves Rocher, more affordable than Clarins.
And remember, France was right.

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