Saturday, November 12, 2005

Oh No!

This is not good. The Democratic National Committe is falling behind the GOP in fundraising. Yes, despite aWol falling in the polls, having the Dems keep the Governor's Mansion in the red state of Virginia and the prospect of regaining Congress next year the Democrats are losing the fundraising battle. All the conservatives in the blogosphere are blaming Howard Dean for this. Of course
The Republicans raise $10 million every month from corporate interests and lobbyists. The Democratic Party will never be able to compete in the traditional ways with a party that has abandoned the people and taken selling access and influence to a new level.
I think the fault lies with us, the grassroots of the Democratic Party. Remember, victory doesn't come cheap. Recruiting candidates takes time and money. Phone banks for get out the vote efforts cost money. Elections do not come cheap. Donate here! Or buy a Democracy Bond

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