Thursday, November 10, 2005

What a difference a year makes

Courtesy of the Washington Post
Republicans have been spinning Tim Kaine's victory as no net loss because Mark Warner was a democrat. That's not true, it was Jerry Kilgore's race to lose. Tim Kaine ran a really good campaign. Tim Kaine made gains in the outer suburbs of Northern Virginia. Yes, the outer suburbs that my wingnut friend said were going to become more Republican because they were increasing in population. Where are those people moving to the outer suburbs moving from? The cities and inner suburbs. Do they leave their values and political beliefs behind when they move? No.
Tim Kaine also made gains for the Democrats in the Tidewater region (heavy military and military retirees) and in some rural counties. Compare the map posted above with the results from last year's presidential election. John Kerry won the NoVA counties and cities of Arlington, Fairfax (City and County), Falls Church, and Alexandria. Kerry won the Tidewater counties of Newport News, Northampton, Hampton, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Sussex and Charles City. Kerry also carried Richmond, Petersberg, Brunswick, Emporia, Charlottesville, Albemarle, Buchanan, Covington, Danville, Dickenson, Franklin City, Fredericksburg, Greensville, Martinsville, Nelson, Prince Edward, Roanoke City, and Williamsburg.
Tim Kaine made gains for the Democrats in Alleghany, Giles, Loudon, Prince William, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Henry Counties. The results by county are here.

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