Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dubbya n' Dummerer

In a last-ditch act of desperation, Jerry Kilgore pulled out the stops last night to get the votes he DESPERATELY needs to defeat Tim Kane. Dubbya appeared at the Republican rally in Richmond last night. Will last night's appearance have Jerry riding on Dubbya's coat tails or tie himself an Alcatraz Ascot?

Carl Rove was supposed to speak at a Party luncheon last month, but was pulled from the schedule. In my opinion, the Commonwealth Republican Party wanted to distance themselves while the Grand Jury was seated, fearing an impending indictment. That was the last thing the Kilgore campaign needed at the time.

Kilgore has run a dirty underhanded race in the last couple of months: misleading the public on Tim Kaine's positions on capital punishment being the dirtiest of them all.

An interesting factoid I heard on this morning's "Today" by Tim Russert was that since 1973, candidates in Virginia gubinatorial races who belong to the party in the White House have lost.

I was also at the Democratic Party rally in Alexandria yesterday afternoon. The chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors stated that Fairfax County has successfully predicted the winner for the past 100 years, and he predicted Time Kaine will win. Tim Kaine has the endorsements of every "responsible" Virginia and DC newspaper, the AFL-CIO and IAFF. Tim Kaine is assured a landslide victory in Alexandria. Our mayor stated that "Alexandria is the most democratic city in the nation, where Democrats hold every elected position in public office."


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