Monday, November 07, 2005

Before you vote tomorrow - remember this, a vote for Jerry Kilgore is saying you approve of George W. Bush

U.S. President George W. Bush (L) attends a rally with Virginia Governor candidate Jerry Kilgore in Richmond, Virginia, November 7, 2005. REUTERS/Jim Young
My phone has finally stopped ringing with get out the vote calls. Six out of seven were vote for Kaine. The one was the infamous and misleading robo call saying Russ Potts is the only pro-choice candidate. It was really the Republicans, there's nothing they will stoop to. I am so sick and tired of the corruption and incompetence of Republican run administrations, both state and national level.
I went to the Kaine campaign rally in Virginia, I saw Jim Moran say this:
if Democrats allow Kilgore to win after he has campaigned Monday night with the president, "it will be an affirmation of where he [Bush] is taking this country… It is going to say that the American people in fact support us going into the Iraq war and that it doesn’t bother the American people so much that over 2,000 men and women have died in a needless war.... If the people of Virginia vote for Jerry Kilgore, that is the message that is sent around the world.”
Voting for Jerry Kilgore means you approve of attack ad that are vicious and have no basis in reality. Voting for Jerry Kilgore means you approve of the hypocrisy of David Albo and Chris Craddock. Voting for Jerry Kilgore means you approve of limiting access to birth control pills and emergency contraception like Dick Black. Voting for Jerry Kilgore means you approve of religious extremism and want to turn Virginia into a theocracy. A vote for Jerry Kilgore means you think that homosexuals should not have equal rights.

O.K. did I give enough reasons to vote for Tim Kaine? You know what to do tomorrow.

As Tim Kaine said at the Alexandria rally, "If it was broken, and you fixed it, why break it again?"

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