Sunday, October 23, 2005

So much for being the party of law and order

One of the things Republicans like to say is "they are tough on crime". I am beginning to believe this is a code word of some sort. First the Stafford County GOP nominates a convicted felon. Now Chris Craddock, a Republican candidate for the House of Delegates has a problem with a lead foot.
The 27-year-old youth minister was cited for nearly half the tickets he received in a three-month period in 2001, when he was cited three times for an expired registration and failure to obey a traffic sign. In addition, he has received three speeding tickets over the five-year period.
He's a youth minister? Hmmmm, I wonder what other skeletons are in his closet?
What does Chris Craddock have to say about this?
"Ever since we've gotten into this race, Caputo has known he can't win this election on the issues," Craddock said. "The only thing he's done this whole time is send out stuff smearing me and our campaign workers."
Welcome to politics crybaby.

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