Sunday, October 23, 2005

George Allen for prez? NFW!!

From that minion of the evil empire the Times of London comes this piece of fluff about George Allen. Why he's the next Ronald Reagan! WRONG! How about he's the next George W. Bush?
A TOBACCO chewing, horse-riding, cowboy boot wearing politician called George could be the Republican party’s choice for president in 2008.
That's funny, they didn't mention the other symptoms of redneckism, like closeted rascism. This is what, Bob Herbert of the New York Times had to say about him,
A few years ago, when he was governor of Virginia, Mr. Allen issued a proclamation declaring April "Confederate History and Heritage Month." From Mr. Allen's pro-Confederate perspective, the Civil War was a struggle for "independence and sovereign rights." Independence, in this case, does not refer to the independence of black slaves.
I'd like to know if Senator Allen feels we'd all have been better off if the South had won the Civil War. It's a fair enough question. Mr. Allen loved the old Confederacy so much he displayed the Confederate flag in his living room. He was a little touchy about it, though. When someone accused him of flying the flag in his living room, he took umbrage. "It was never flying," he said. "It was nailed to a wall."

As if nailing it to the wall is a sign of disrespect. I've heard you're a flag collector. So tell me Senator Allen, where's the Nazi flag? Do you hide that one in a closet?
Obviously, Senator Allen now regrets the implied racsism of his Senatorial and Gubnatorial campaigns. He was the leading co-sponsor of an apology for the US Senate's failure to pass anti-lynching legislation. There's a word for that, flip-flop

If you want to see some people out of touch with reality, click here. It's a George Allen fan club. For some reason, they are absolutely convinced that Hillary Clinton will be the Presidential candidate for 2008. She has never said anything about running in 2008. And after what happened to her husband while he was president, I doubt if she will. And these yahoos haven't been paying attention, they haven't noticed that Bush II's approval rating is only 38%. And you also get an idea of how conservatives really feel about veterans. WARNING: you will need to bleach your brain after reading these comments.

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