Sunday, October 16, 2005

More bad news for Jerry Kilgore

From Atrios I see this story about Karl Rove cancelling an appearance at a fundraiser for Jerry Kilgore.
soon after party activists sat down inside the ballroom of the Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner, it was announced that Rove had been scratched from the lineup. No detailed reason was given.
Hmmm, could it be that Jerry Kilgore is running away from the scandal plagued record of the Bush administration? Maybe Jerry Kilgore is embarrassed by his fellow Republicans. So instead of listening to Karl Rove speak about how liberal Tim Kaine is, they get to listen to Ken Mehlman. Who also has the potential to embarass Republicans if the rumors I hear are true. Jerry Kilgore was there to speak as well. Imagine that, Jerry Kilgore speaking in public. Jerry Kilgore talked about
defending his stand against spending public money to help illegal immigrants and touting his recent ads criticizing his Democratic opponent, Timothy M. Kaine, for his stand on the death penalty. He said the "liberal editorial boards" of newspapers are denouncing his advertisements because "the truth hurts."
Oh yes, let's bring out that old chestnut of the liberal media. Never mind that Jerry Kilgore is a clone of George W. Bush. Jerry Kilgore is a credit card conservative like all the other Republicans. Let's just blame the "liberal media" for the reason why Jerry Kilgore's poll numbers aren't going up after Jerry Kilgore's smear ads on the death penalty didn't work. Maybe Virginians are beginning to look at real issues, like transportation, fiscal responsibility, quality education for our children.
If you want to see how Jerry Kilgore really operates on law and order issues, click on Jerry Kilgore's name.

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