Thursday, October 13, 2005

Where were these people last year???

A new poll says that President Bush the sequel's presidency is unsuccessful. HuH? It took 41% of the respondents 4+ years to figure that out? They didn't realize it last year? I guess Americans are stupider than the President.
Seven in 10 said they want the next president to offer policies and programs that are different from the Bush administration's.

Only half said they wanted the next president to offer different policies in 2000, at the end of the Clinton presidency.
By a 2-1 margin, people said the Bush administration has had a negative impact on politics and the way government works.
People were inclined to say Bush's policies have made things worse on a wide range of issues such as the federal budget deficit, the gap between rich and poor, health care, the economy, relations with U.S. allies, the tax system and education. By 47 percent to 30 percent, those surveyed said Bush has improved the situation with national security.WHAT THE FUCK?(Emphasis mine)

We elect the.worst.president.ever who starts a war against a country that didn't attack us and he gets a fucking pass on national security? How does that make America more secure? d.k. is right, the Dems have to get smart on national security. If Bush is such a good leader on national security, why did the Army miss it recruiting goals for 2005. If he such a good leader on national security, where the fuck is Osama bin Ladin? If he is such a good leader on national security, why did he ignore the Presidential Security Brief, "Bin Ladin determine to attack the US"? If he is such a good leader, why did the teleconference with the Army's ten biggest brown nosers have to be rehearsed?

So where we these people last year during the election? Did they really think George W. Bush made them safe? Did they believe the lies about John Kerry? Do you really want to have a beer with a dry drunk? Now a year later, they stop drinking the Kool-aid? I cannot believe Americans are that stupid, that they conned by an idiot. Apparently, they are.

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