Saturday, October 08, 2005

For those of you who are tired of Fox News and the echoes from CNN and MSNBC

There will soon be an alternative. No, the BBC's 24hr news service isn't coming to the major cable and satellite outlets in the United States. Al Jazeera is developing an English language channel. Now whether or not it can get licensed by the FCC to broadcast in the United States is another story. Al Jazeera International has signed up Riz Kahn (formerly of CNN) and David Frost (from the BBC).

America desparately needs another point of view and if we let an Australian pollute our airwaves with right wing spin, why can't we have a different point of view from the Middle East? I really would like to see BBC's 24hr News Service here in the U.S. too. Natalee Holloway's disappearance in Aruba is not the only thing happening outside of the United States. Maybe if we had some real international news coverage, America will get its collective head out of its ass.


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