Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Guess there's something to those rumors after all.

From the Washington Post comes this story about Mark Warner setting up a run for the White House. I think Mark Warner would make a good President. He was able to get Virginia's finances in order. His tax reforms actually provided tax relief to the middle and lower classes, while increasing revenue for schools, health care, and law enforcement. He did this with a coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats in a Republican controlled commonwealth assembly. He raised taxes on the wealthy and enjoys a 70% approval rating. Gee, you could say he's a Democrat with a backbone. God knows this country needs someone who has the guts to balance a budget.

All that work that President Clinton did to balance the budget and get a surplus was gone in less than an year thanks to the credit card conservatives. I could think of a few things we could have used that surplus for, modernize the military, universal health care, maybe even saving Social Security for the Baby Boomers who are getting ready to retire, or maybe we could have started paying off our national debt.

Oh yeah, the WaPo cited this from Rawstory, they weren't nice enough to provide the original link. But I am.


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