Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Credit Card Conservatives Again

A very revealing article from the Washington Post about conflicted credit card conservatives. Yeah, Republicans always accuse Democrats of being "tax and spend liberals", but what happens when you cut taxes and increase spending? You get record deficits that you ask China and Japan to finance! Yep, you put it on the Bank of Asia credit card. And the credit card conservatives have a serious compulsive spending problem:
Two of the House districts hardest hit by Rita are represented by freshmen Gohmert and Ted Poe, both of whom owe their seats in part to DeLay's redistricting. Leaders have encouraged the spending of federal largess in freshman districts to solidify House gains, said Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), an outspoken fiscal conservative.

"We hear the rhetoric, that nobody wants earmarks, but the truth is, the leadership likes them," he said. "They like to get you hooked. They make freshmen believe they are the ticket to reelection."
(emphasis mine)

I guess their plan for cutting benefits for military families didn't work. Like I said fiscal conservatism is a myth. So now Republicans have a problem, how do we get our voters to look the other way? What's a good distraction issue? I know, let's attack college level sex education classes. Nothing like attacking sex between consenting adults to fire up your base. Yep, let's keep them ignorant, that way they'll keep voting for us.


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