Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some people shouldn't poke their noses in other's business

We have a person who home-schools his kids (actually his wife does)and he has issues with the local high school band playing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" at football games. He writes a letter to the local paper, Hylton High School's band director pulls the song because he doesn't want to offend anyone and then the letter writer has this to say
As for that nettlesome letter writer, Robert McLean? The defense contractor, whose children are home-schooled, said he went to Hylton's football game just because he enjoys the sport. His letter, he said, was meant to start a philosophical debate, not to wreck any student's marching band experience. Besides, he said, he loves "Devil."
"It was one of the first 45s I had as a kid," he said.

Oh you want to start a debate? How about I start with an ad hominem attack? You're an asshole who should mind his own business. If your kids went to that school, you'd have a dog in this fight, but your kids don't and you should butt out. What kind of grown man hangs out at high school football games in a large metropolitan area? Especially a high school his children don't or won't attend? Geez, it's not like there aren't college or NFL teams in the Washington DC area. Are you that cheap? Oh that's right, your wife doesn't work. She's not an uppity woman who contributes income to the family. Imagine, if his kids went to a public school and she worked, he might be able to afford tickets to a Redskins game. Or maybe tickets to a University of Maryland or George Mason University game.

How much do you want to bet that Robert McLean will vote for Jerry Kilgore in November?

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