Saturday, November 05, 2005

Attn: Voters of Virginia's 42nd House District, DO NOT RE-ELECT DAVID ALBO

From Waldo Jaquith's blog I see that David Albo is looking out for the special interests of one group: child molesters. David Albo introduced legislation to reduce the penalties for sexual molestation, sodomizing a child, and incest. Here's the details, yes, I threw up in my mouth when I read that. Guess what party David Albo belongs to? That's right he's a Republican. I guess he wants government to get off the backs of sexual predators. Fortunately, the Washington Post believes that David Albo does not deserve to be re-elected. It endorsed Gregory Werkheiser for the 42nd House District.

The Washington Post also endorsed Chuck Caputo for the 67th House District over Chris Craddock, mostly because Chris Craddock is an immature idiot.

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