Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I have a troll

Actually I have two, but one is a nice troll and kind of cute. The other one calls himself lonewacko and apparently he thinks when women mess up his order at Carl's Jr, they must think he's attractive. He filed that under "wacky humor", apparently he didn't understand the humor of this post. He also belongs to the school of "jihad is one of the five pilars of Islam" and thinks every Muslim is a terrorist. He hates immigrants even though he's probably the descendent of immigrants. He really hates illegal immigrants. Apparently he didn't realize the September 11 terrorists all had passports and came over here on tourist visas. Ahmed Ressam tried to enter Washington state on a Canadian I.D. card. Yes, they came here legally. Just like his hero Arnold Schwarzennegger. If you want to see for yourself, his website is lonewacko.com/blog/index.html. Cut and paste the url in your browser, I am not providing this person the dignity of a link. His IP address is and his ISP is ACC399A0.ipt.aol.com.

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