Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tim Kaine Building Momentum

The latest polling shows Tim Kaine squeaking out a small lead over Jerry Kilgore. All of Jerry Kilgore's negative ads have backfired. Now voters perceive Jerry Kilgore as mean spirited and dishonest. Jerry Kilgore tried using the "L" word, it didn't work. I think voters are getting tired of the credit card conservative solution to everything, which is to cut taxes and cut taxes some more. It only benefits the few like Paris Hilton. Jerry Kilgore tried to paint Tim Kaine as soft on crime. Yeah, when the latest person to commit treason was Irving Libby who is a Republican. (No, I will not call him scooter. That's an insult to Vespas, Stellas, Kymcos, Burgmans and other two-wheeled vehicles that are defined as a scooter.) Oh and Chris Craddock has a leadfoot and "forgot" to display his car inspection sticker. Now, the negative ads say Tim Kaine is a flip-floper. What a person is not entitled to change his mind? And hysteria like "the largest tax increase in Virginia's history", well those school teachers don't pay themselves. Those roads don't pave themselves. Why is it only Americans whine about taxes? Europeans don't, and they get a lot back from their taxes in the form of government services. Another big handicap is George W Bush's support for Jerry Kilgore. It is really hurting Jerry Kilgore with independents and moderates. You remember them? The big middle? They're kind of important since they are the deciding factor in an election. And remember Republicans hate hard working Americans.

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