Friday, October 28, 2005

Someone profited from Hurricane Katrina

Scooters and other fuel efficient vehicles are becoming all the rage with local politicians these days as they try to find ways to save energy because of skyrocketing fuel costs. Some states have temporarily rolled back gas taxes. While others have closed schools for a couple of days (I guess I know what that state's priority is). Yet, Exxon-Mobile made record profits in its third quarter this year. I have nothing against companies making money, but big corporations have a responsibility to do no harm to ordinary people. So states are losing valuable tax revenue, you know the money that pays for roads, bridges and mass transportation. Schools are being closed because of high fuel prices and someone made a shitload of money off of it. Lucky you if you own shares in any of the big oil companies. Hmm, maybe Jimmy Carter's idea of a windfall profits tax was a good idea.

So keep buying the fuel-efficient vehicles and energy-efficient appliances, the less energy you use, the less money goes into these money grabbers hands.

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