Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jerry Kilgore Distances Himself from the President

Well he does and he doesn't. You would think that the 2004 Re-election campaign manager for the Commonwealth of Virginia would want to be seen with the President in campaign appearances. I guess not.
Kilgore and Bush have been political allies; Kilgore was Bush's Virginia campaign chairman last year when he handily carried the commonwealth on his way to reelection. Republicans declared Bush's victory proof that Gov. Mark R. Warner's victory in 2001 was a Democratic fluke in a reliably Republican commonwealth.
Kilgore's campaign manager directed the Bush campaign last year, and the president was the headliner at a July fundraiser for Kilgore in McLean that raised more than $2 million for the campaign.
Well a lot has changed since July. Karl Rove skipped out of a fundraiser for Jerry Kilgore earlier this month. Now Jerry doesn't want to be seen with the President? Both the White House and Jerry Kilgore are denying it. I think that's what they call a non-denial denial.


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