Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A reversal on Davis-Bacon

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, aWol signed an executive order suspending the Davis-Bacon Act in the areas damaged by the hurricane. Now, the White House flip-flops. Effective November 8, Davis-Bacon goes back into effect. That means federal contractors will have to pay the local prevailing wage to its employees. Hopefully, this will speed up reconstruction in the afflicted areas.

Look out for something sneaky, like the Department of Labor lowering the local prevailing wage. After all, aWol will find a way to screw the working man. Especially the poor children who are getting benefits cut. Expect cuts in food stamps, disability payments for the disabled and federal assistance in collecting child support payments. (Gotta pay for eliminating the estate tax somehow. I mean, God forbid Paris Hilton has to get a real job.) Yep, aWol still finds a way to kick a person when he or she is down. No wonder Rick Santorum and Jerry Kilgore are running away from the President.

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