Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Michael Steele runs away from the Republican Party

Michael Steele officially announces his run for the Senate. He is running for Paul Sarbannes (D-MD) seat. Yet when he made his announcement he said some interesting things.
Steele delivered a rousing populist speech that never mentioned his Republican Party affiliation and appeared to take swipes at both parties, including the same Washington insiders who urged him to enter the race and financed his exploratory committee.
Hmmm, if you don't want to be affiated with a party, why not run as a third part candidate? Oh that's right, they don't win. Are you ashamed of your party Mr Steele?
If the speech is any indication, Steele's campaign will avoid highlighting his social conservatism and his longtime ties to national Republican politics and politicians -- he is antiabortion, has served on the Republican National Committee's executive committee, and his first fundraiser was headlined by White House adviser Karl Rove.
Is being a Republican no longer a good thing? I thought moral values were the number one campaign issue for Republicans. Except when you run in a blue state. Hmmm, so that's how right wing extremists who are so far out of the mainstream get elected. They run away from their records. And he's good friends of Karl Rove's, nothing further needs to be said there.
But Steele's social views are far different from Ehrlich's, and polls show his opposition to abortion and to the death penalty -- both stances he says are derived from his Catholic faith -- are unpopular in Maryland.
So that's why he's keeping that stand low key. Hmm if some people really knew how he felt, he'd have approval ratings like Rick Santorum's, or George W. Bush's.
Beware of Michael Steele. He's just another right-wing, wacko, credit card conservative.

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