Saturday, November 12, 2005

So what's next for Mark Warner?

On Monday, November 7, I played hooky from work to attend a "get out the vote" rally in Alexandria's Market Square (click for interesting historic fact). Gov Warner spoke briefly about leaving the governor's office and the crowd starting chanting "08, '08, '08!" Pretty exciting stuff. Rumors have been circulating around Virginia about a possible run for the White House. The rumors appear to have an element of truth in them. More buzz from Daily Kos and MyDD.

The only problems with a Mark Warner candidacy are lack of foreign policy experience. And he raised taxes in order to balance Virginia's budget. Cue the sound of the whine of a thousand wingnuts who think the solution to every problem is a tax cut. Yes, we've seen what damage tax cuts do to schools, public health and the infrastructure. And we are tired of it. Americans want a national health care plan. We want sound public schools. Americans want an infrastructure that will not fail in the event of a natural disaster. And guess what? Americans are willing to pay for it.

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