Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I'll be glad when Nov 3 rolls around.

I will be especially happy if Kerry wins. If Bush gets re-elected, maybe a move to Europe or Canada will be in order.

Don't tell me that by supporting Kerry, I'm supporting the terrorists. I'm doing more in the war on terror than you know. No, voting for Bush is not participating in the War. Supporting the war is actually going to join the Army to fight in it. This includes you ladies too. If you are an 18-35 year old who thinks the War in Iraq is the right thing to do and you are not signing an enlistment contract, YOU ARE SO FUCKING WRONG.

The right complains that you cannot support the troops by opposing the war.
How can you support a war you are not willing to fight in?


Saturday, October 16, 2004

I give up!!

Boy did I fall off the wagon today. Lunch was a few pieces of pepperoni (not from the pizza!) and a cup of mocha silk. My husband, son and I went to see a movie with the popcorn that goes with it. My husband was wonderful, he bought me bottled water and we split a big bag of popcorn. I don't like getting sodas at movie theaters, restaurants, ball parks because the only diet sodas available are Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi or some other type of diet cola. I HATE COLA!!! I usually get club soda with a lime wedge or just plain water when we go out. Iced tea is nice too, as long as it's unsweetened. I don't like to have caffeine with dinner, it keeps me awake at night (imagine that!).

After the movie we went out to dinner. My son wanted to go home to eat, (he didn't want to see the movie either which he did enjoy) his whining was so bad that the person sitting at the table next to us moved. (She let us know about it too. She was diplomatic about it, but we got the message, "what's wrong with you people, can't you control your kid?") The reason why he didn't want to go out today was his computer games. As a result of his behavior, he lost all computer game priviledges for tomorrow. I was so stressed, that in addition to my hamburger, I ordered a mudslide and got a white russian instead. The waiter told me that the bartender said it was a mudslide. Lazy bartender didn't want use the blender.

So, the booboo is in bed now, and hopefully we will go to church in the morning. We're passive-agressive about it. Since the boo is a public school now, he is not receiving any religious instruction. Even though my husband and I are not religious, I believe it is important that my son receive some type of religious instruction in order to function in our society and I want to choose what type of instruction he receives to insulate him from extremists. I believe if he receives a sound religious education he will be less vulnerable to cult leaders and religious extremist. Besides, some type of religion will help his behavior.


Leftovers for breakfast

Half of a 10-inch pizza with pepperoni and olives. Estimated 500 calories. One cup of Earl Grey tea with splenda.


Friday, October 15, 2004


Between the huge roll, the fried zucchini and the 10in Santa Fe pizza, I think I ate about 1000 calories. For a grand total of 2020 calories.

Eating at a restaurant, it's hard to judge your caloric intake. That's why dinner is an estimate of what I ate. I ate at a locally owned restaurant where obtaining nutrition information is more difficult. Chains usually have nutrition information available in a brochure or on their website. With lunch, I was able to get complete nutrition information at Panera's website. The information for breakfast came off the package information. The problem with eating at home, with home cooked meals, (and I'm the one who does the cooking) is sampling during the preparation of it.



Lunch Panera bacon turkey bravo,
770 calories.
that's 1020 so far



Oatmeal and mocha soy milk 250 Calories


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Ignorant Hussy

Ignorant Hussy

Bedtime snack with medicine 300 calories.
Total calories 2400
No wonder I am so fat!!!


A new perspective

I am changing this to a weight loss diary. I will record caloric intake, exercise and thoughts about losing weight. I currently weigh 240 pounds! My BMI is 37. I need to start and this is it.

Breakfast 340 calories
Snack 50 cal
Lunch 500
Popcord 210
Dinner 1000
Total so far 2100

Still need a bedtime snack to take with my niaspan.

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