Saturday, August 30, 2008


I wanna kissss youuu
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So McCain picks a woman to be his Veep and now the PUMAs are saying that they are going to vote for the Green Candidate? I saw this in comments on several feminist blogs today.

I guess the GOP realizes that women aren't stupid enough to vote for a woman just because she's a woman. A woman who opposes everything that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (and Geraldine Ferraro) stand for. So now they are promoting the Green Party in the hopes that voting Green will draw enough votes away from Obama and give McCain the victory.

Why not? It worked in 2000. I just want to remind everyone that IT DOES MAKE A BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE WHO GETS ELECTED PRESIDENT. The GOP is full of batshit crazy idiots who have no business running the country.

So do not be deceived, John McCain hates women. He is a man who verbally abuses his wife. Yes, a man who calls his wife a trollop and cunt is abusive. And that was in public, imagine what he calls her in private. A man who hates half of the population has no business being president.

*Party unity my ass? My ass!

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