Sunday, August 07, 2005

Medical advances

D.K over at A Silent Cacophony has some interesting news about the possibility of a bird flu pandemic. The development of a vaccine is very good news. However, a vaccine is only effective if 90%of a population group gets immuninized. This protects the other 10% who cannot be immunized for whatever reasons such as allergic reactions to ingredients in the vaccine.
Becasue not enough children at my son's school were vaccinated against the flu, my son got the flu last year. I had him immunized against flu because I have asthma and I didn't want him missing school. However, some parents do not want to vaccinate their children, they are afraid the side effects of the vaccine are worse than the disease itself. There is no proof that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Autism existed before the MMR and will continue to do so. Possible explanations of the increase of autism cases is better diagnostic techniques and lower infant mortality.
And ignorance of science continues in America, with the Idiot-in-Chief saying that Intelligent Design should be taught as science in public schools.


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