Thursday, November 24, 2005

My worst movies list

1. War of Worlds, I haven't seen it but Tom Cruise is in it.
2. The Pokemon Movies, yes the pokemon are cute. However, I do not like the concept of catching wild animals and training them to fight each other.
3. Eyes Wide Shut, soft porn between a husband and wife who had no chemistry. It is any wonder Tom and Nicole broke up?
4. Showgirls. As my husband said, it was too much of a good thing (breasts) not enough of a plot or good acting which made it truly awful.
5. The Friday the 13th series. I hate slasher movies.
6. The Passion of the Christ. Theocide is best left in the Bible. Watching a man get beaten for two hours is not my cup of tea, and I saw it in HD. (shudder) You have to wonder about the people who enjoy watching this.
7. Top Gun, Tom Cruise was in it. He's really not that great of an actor.
8. Jerry McGuire, are you detecting a theme here?
9. Staying Alive, the sequel to Saturday Night Fever. Sorry, dancing moves learned at a nightclub do not translate well on Broadway.
10. Death to Smoochy. Jon Stewart shouldn't quit his day job at The Daily Show.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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