Friday, December 09, 2005

Bigotry rears its ugly head in Herndon, again.

The Washington Post covers that bunch losers called the Minutemen again. Yes, they have nothing better to do than to harrass people who are poorer than they are. How do I know the Minutemen are a bunch of losers?
Hillgreen, who works in telecommunications, said his son, 20, had lost two jobs in the past two years -- one at a sawmill and one in construction -- because his bosses hired day laborers.
Hillgreen's son can only get unskilled labor jobs? Dude, I think your complaint should be with the education system for not educating your son for the workplace. Or maybe Hillgreen's son just had a bad attitude at work, considering his father's sense of entitlement. Why isn't your 20 year old son in college? I know college is expensive, but if Daddy has the financial resources to take time off from work to harrass day laborers, couldn't he help pay for his son's college? If Daddy is willing to help the son keep a job, why not enable the son to get a better job? If the son really wants a job that an illegal immigrant cannot take away from him, why doesn't he join the military? I hear they're hiring and the Hillgreen's sound like a nice patriotic family. But then their values might clash with the inclusiveness of the military. But of course for these bigots, it's always someone else's fault.

How do I know the Minutemen are bigots? I'll let George Talpin explain it.
"I don't care about them," he said as the laborers stared across at him. "I don't mean I don't care about them on a human level, but on this issue. We are interested in the employers."
It's the "I'm not rascist, I have friends who are black, hispanic...." WHATEVER!

According to Lisa Turner, there's the issue of taxes,
"They're getting free services," she said of the day laborers. "The employers are breaking the law because they are not paying taxes on the wages."

Never mind that the day laborers don't make enough to pay income tax. Plus they use fake social security numbers in order to get jobs. I have yet to see someone protest at the cash register that he or she shouldn't pay sales tax because because they are not an US Citizen. Denying illegal aliens driver's licenses has cut off a source of revenue to states as well.

Don't the Minutemen have jobs? I'm not the only one wondering,
(Alex) Aleman wondered whether someone was paying the Minutemen. How else could they find the time to be snapping photos on a workday? Well, he added, unless they were rich and had no need to work.
Someone needs to get a life.


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