Sunday, November 27, 2005

60 Minutes and Plan B

60 Minutes has a story about Plan B!!! Leslie Stahl interviewed that rapist Dr. Hager. (Click on the link for more info about Dr. Hager) Leslie Stahl hit Wal-Mart for not carrying Plan B. You go girl!!! I just wish you delivered the smackdown on Dr. Hager.

So why doesn't Dr Hager want Plan B to be sold over the counter?
“I’m not in favor of promotion of a product that would increase sexual activity among teenagers,”
Like that is going to stop them. What a fucking, moralist moron. I cannot believe he has a bachelor's degree and a medical graduate degree. Lack of availiability of Plan B didn't stop teenage girls from having sex when I was in high school 20+ years ago. There were five girls in my graduating class who were preggers, many more dropped out because they were pregnant. Hell, it didn't stop my grandmother from getting knocked up at the age of 17 back in 1944. Typical of a conservative, let's ignore the problem of teen sex and it will go away.

You know what is scary?
In a survey of drugstores in Kentucky, Dr. Hager’s home state, the American Civil Liberties Union found that most pharmacies didn’t carry Plan B; 83 of them said they would even refuse to order it for women with prescriptions. These include Wal-Mart, which has a nationwide policy against dispensing Plan B.

The American Civil Liberties Union got a prescription for a woman named Fran, and sent her to five pharmacies undercover. 60 Minutes went along with a hidden camera to see what would happen.

Only one pharmacy, Kmart, had Plan B in stock; another drug store offered to order it, but the pharmacist told Fran it would take several days before they could possibly get it.

Yep, 80% of pharmacies that 60 Minutes sampled do not stock Plan B. So remember, get your birth control prescriptions filled at Kmart, not Wal-Mart. Here's a list of pharmacies that will fill Plan B and other prescriptions without hassling you and probably fill your prescription for Prozac too.

I know what you are thinking, "I can't get pregnant, so it's not my problem.". Just remember this,

At another store, Fran was turned down by a pharmacist who explained that she believes it’s an abortion pill. “The morning after pill is after you have that fertilized egg, and that is a baby. You are not allowing it to implant. So it is considered abortive,” the pharmacist said.

The next day, Fran and 60 Minutes went back to that pharmacy together and found the same pharmacist.

“Anyone can walk in off the street and we can refuse to fill a prescription,” the pharmacists said. Asked whether a prescription could be refused on religious grounds, the pharmacists said, “On any grounds. Personal preference. Any reason, we can refuse to fill a prescription.” (emphasis mine)

What happens if your pharmacist is a scientologist? Can he or she refuse to fill a prescription for anti-depressants? Yes he can. And companies like Target will protect him/her. And Depression can be a deadly disease. (Why do you think people commit suicide?)

Welcome to Bush's America. It's beginning to look a lot like Nicolae Ceausescu's Romania. Here's an important thing to know about Romania after all abortions and birth control were banned in 1966,
In 1967 the Romanian birth rate doubled. Then it started dropping. Within ten years it was nearly as low as it had been before, though there had been no change in policy. snip In nearly every country women who die of complications from abortion, legal or illegal, are listed in health statistics as maternal mortalities. Later I saw some actual figures. As the birth rate came down in Romania after Decree 770, the maternal mortality rate tripled. snip Ceausescu's policy to increase the Romanian population failed to achieve its goal. It imposed pain, injury, and death on Romanian women.
Remember the orphanages of Romania? Why would we want that in the United States?

I wish to thank every woman in America who was stupid enough to vote for George W. Bush last year. Enjoy your biological autonomy while it lasts.

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