Friday, November 25, 2005

Meet my new troll

I have a new troll. I engaged him on Elmo's blog about white phosphorus. His was the typical wingnut whine, "the enemy is doing it, so why can't we do it?" Ummm, because America is better than that? So anyhow, Cabe is from Moab, Utah, but he loves the "South" (did you notice the Confedate battle flag on his user profile picture?). What's up with that? Apparently anyone who disagrees with him is an "anti-American socialist". As someone who spent ten years in the United States Army and continues to support the US Government by working as a government contractor, I really don't appreciate being called anti-American.
Now, I admit it. I did call the wrath of Operation Yellow Elephant upon him. I am responsible for that.

So about Cabe, he lives in Moab, Utah. His ISP is Electric Lightwave. He has visited my blog four times. One visit lasted seven hours. I'll be nice and not publish his host name or his IP address.


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