Saturday, November 26, 2005

I guess he's found his calling

Michael Brown, the former director of FEMA, is starting a consulting business on "disaster preparedness". Ummm, O.K. I guess he thinks it's a lucrative field where an incompentent person can make a decent living. Considering his handling of the relief operations for Hurricane Katrina was a disaster, I guess this would be under the "learn from my mistakes" method of teaching disaster preparedness? Or is this a way of blaming the victim? I can see the pitch for his consulting services, "If you don't pay me to consult with you on how to evacuate and store canned food, it will be all your fault if you lose all of your meager possessions. How do I look? Is Chili's booked? What about Applebee's? Oh they have a Ruth's-Cris here? This place is more civilized than I thought." Why do I have the feeling he won't be doing a heck of a job when he becomes a disaster consultant?

Why would I pay this man to troubleshoot a business's disaster preparedness plan? Why would a state government? And if any company hires him as a consultant, the shareholders should have a revolt. If any state government hires him as a consultant, that governor should be impeached. Thank goodness the federal government doesn't have a golden parachute. Oh my bad, he was hired by FEMA as a consultant after he resigned.

Hopefully, the free markets will show how efficient they are and he won't be in business for long.


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