Thursday, December 15, 2005

NPR is not liberal

I swear if I hear some wingnut whine about how liberal NPR is I will do something unspeakable to him or her. Media Matters has the goods on NPR. NPR relies on right wing think tanks for input into news stories 63% of the time. The other 37% are not liberal think tanks like The Center for American Progress. They are centrist think tanks like The Brookings Institution and The Center for Strategic and International Studies. I guess it is true about the United States, the only political parties we have is Far Right (the Republicans) and Center Right (the Democrats). Until NPR starts doing a 33% Right-wing, 33% Center, and 33% Left-wing think tank balance; I will withhold my donations until they shape up. And when the local NPR station calls for me to renew my membership, I will tell them why.


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