Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Freaks and Terrorist Sympathizers

Yesterday was the right to life rally in Washington DC. The clueless, religious fanatics were out in force. I call them clueless because they think they are in the mainstream of American thought.
And they noted yesterday's large turnout of young people, who filled the march route along Constitution Avenue and lined the walls outside the Supreme Court in cheerleader jackets, black leather outfits with studs and T-shirts that read, "Abortion is Mean" and "Sex is good, the pill is not."
Umm, nothing says middle America more than a studded Goth.
What's up with the cheerleader outfits? Reminds me of someone with a Lolita fetish. Ewww, now I have to go bleach my brain on that one.
"Sex is good, the pill is not". Boy do they have a lot to learn. Sex is a lot better with the pill and not having to worry about an unwanted pregnancy. Speaking of which, if they have sex without the pill, what do they do with the unwanted pregnancy? Keep the baby? Or do they just quietly sneak into an abortion clinic for an abortion? According to these people, personal responsibility is for others, not for them.
President Bush addressed the event by telephone from Kansas, where he traveled yesterday for a speech on terrorism.

If pro-life stands are so in the mainstream, why couldn't Bush be there in person to speak? Reagan never went to one either. HMMM, maybe they didn't want to alienate the majority of Americans who are pro-ohoice. There's a reason why abortions are harder to get in the United States. It's not because of a change of attitude towards abortion, but because of a campaign of intidimation against doctors and hospitals who perform abortions. I think it's ironic that President Bush is addressing a bunch of terrorist sympathizers while battling terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe that's why he let Osama bin Ladin get away. PRESIDENT BUSH SYMPATHIZES WITH TERRORISTS.

That right Bushiboy, we're going to refocus this Democrats sympathize with terrorists debate onto you and your failures.

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