Saturday, January 21, 2006

Brace for impact!!

It's 2006, time for midterm elections of 1/3 of the Senate and 100% of the House of Representatives. So what is the GOP strategy for consolidating their majority in both houses? Turdblossum says it's going to be "national security". Umm right, so why is Ayman al-Zawahiriand Osama bin Ladin still making threats against the United States? How's that occupation of Iraq that we're not supposed to be in right now? You remember, the invasion was going to pay for itself, the country where we were supposed to be welcomed with candy, kisses and flowers? Iraq was supposed to be a peaceful, western style democracy by now. How's that ever shrinking coalition of the willing?It looks like Italy is getting out while they're ahead. Too bad we're trapped in Iraq, we don't have any big sticks to speak softly with. Now that Iran has a religious fanatic determined to get nukes in office, we really need those big sticks. Where's Kim Jong Il? Oh, he'll turn up in Shanghai someday.
Bushit has had nearly 5 years in office and what does he have to show on national security? Of course he hasn't done shit for National Security. But he's resolute in our time of crisis. That's all Faux News, the Conservative News Network and MSGOP have to say over and over again until we believe the lie is the truth.


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